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"I've been doing this, taking continuing education, for 23 years.  Many times docs end up taking naps in person, or walking for really long coffee breaks and such because the seminar is dull and doesn't help in practice.  For the first time ever, I sat on my couch, where I could have wandered off at any time.  Instead of wandering, I listened to your whole seminar because I was impressed by the content and it's usefulness.  If I had my way, all chiropractic schools would have your class on PI.  I think I'm pretty good at PI after 23 years and I found about 30% of your seminar to be stuff that I could apply to my practice.  It was all stuff I wasn't doing that will make my cases stronger!  The whole seminar was 100% related to what we do in clinic."

Dr Arsalan Gittiban, DC

Dr Greg Otterman, DC

"Your seminar was extremely convenient and helpful. I took Dr. Collum's seminar two years ago and Croft's seminar series for whiplash certification last year. Croft's series was, of course, very thorough and interesting, and it gave me a good foundation to build on. Which your seminar definitely did! Especially, the clinical side of things. Your experience and preparation were obvious and the way you presented the material was very practical. I will be signing up for your future webinars!"

Dr William Brennan, DC

"I will definitely tell others about your seminars!!"

Dr Richard Chicoine, DC

"I enjoyed the seminar.  I know I couldn't keep it interesting for that long.  I thought I would definitely fall asleep because I had never done a seminar from home but I most definitely did not.  I'm sure I will be back next year.  It was nice to not be stuck in a seminar all weekend.  My favorite part of Dr Laali's course was his stories and just saying it like it is.  He was quite funny.  I will make sure I tell everyone about your seminars!"

"doc, I am used to in class seminar (older guy), this is friggin' cool, super convenient.  What a great idea!  Thank you, glad I found this.  btw this has bee a great seminar so far, wonderful idea!!!!"

Dr Carey Fabacher, DC

"Awesome seminar again!! Thank You!!"

Dr Caitlin Sims, DC

"Thanks Doc, can't wait to spend more Friday evenings with you!  Cheers!"

Dr Glen Silver, DC

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