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Weekend seminars are Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am - 4:10pm with a 30 minute lunch.  

Our Weekday seminars are Monday-Friday from 7:30pm-10:10pm.  


All listed times are in the central time zone.  All seminars cover 16 hours of CE credits including the 4 mandatory hours of risk management, ethics, documentation, and coding for TX.

Registration for our seminars is open until 45 minutes before start time for online attendees (procrastinators rejoice!)

All you have to do to start the process is choose which webinar date you would like below, add it to your cart, and pay for it.  Everything else will be handled via email.  We try to make life simpler for you :)

You may also register by texting your email address and the seminar date you would like to 469-288-2537

You can also browse our seminars by month:

January 2020


Dr. Aaron Bridwell, D.C.

I found this semimar on TBCE. Said hell yeah, 16 hours in one week and dont have to spend money on hotels/travel and very cost effective.  But I feel I can add tons of value to my cases with this seminar.  Thanks Mike!

Dr. Greg Otterman, D.C.

Advantage Chiropractic & Rehab

San Antonio, TX

Your seminar was extremely convenient and helpful. I took Dr. Collum's seminar two years ago and Croft's seminar series for whiplash certification last year. Croft's series was, of course, very thorough and interesting, and it gave me a good foundation to build on. Which your seminar definitely did! Especially, the clinical side of things. Your experience and preparation were obvious and the way you presented the material was very practical. I will be signing up for your future webinars!

Dr. Gary Drew, D.C.

Thanks for trailblazing a New Way to spread what you know, do AND love!!

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