Personal Injury for the 21st Century

Designed to improve your personal injury care.  Whether you are a seasoned doctor who has worked for years on PI cases, or have never ventured into the waters of personal injury this course is for you.  


We will take you through a complete and sound protocol for treating, billing, compliance, and coding personal injury cases. By the end of this course you will have the tools needed to expand and improve your personal injury treatment. This will result in more referrals to your practice because you will be getting better settlements for your patients.

Personal Injury and Rehab - Instructor


Dr. Mike Robertson, DC is the founder of Chiro21 Seminars and teaches our PI courses and sometimes the Rehab course.


Total Rehab for the 21st Century - Instructor


Dr. Cyrus Laali, DC is the dynamic and engaging speaker who handles our Rehab seminars. 

Total Rehab for the 21st Century

Once upon a time our doctors went to a rehab seminar hoping to get practical information on incorporating rehab procedures into a clinical practice.  Unfortunately, this was not the reality of their experience.  Frustration mounted.  Solutions were created.  The Total Rehab seminar was conceived.

This seminar is designed to go through scalable protocols for rehabilitation of the entire musculoskeletal system with an emphasis on the spine.  It includes relevant billing and coding procedural review to ensure reimbursement for your services.  Our objective is that you will be able to leave the seminar with the knowledge and protocols you need to immediately implement active rehab into your practice.


Nutrition Courses

Everybody wants to do stuff with nutrition that will help their patients.  We found Dr. Webster, DC who has been doing this for the past 15 years succesfully.  We talked to him about putting together a seminar with us that goes through everything you would need to know to add nutritional practices to your practice to help manage musculoskeletal complaints. Dr. Webster, DC teaches both of our nutrition courses. 

Nutrition and Joint Health for the 21st Century covers nutritional and lifestyle interventions supported by the current scientific literature that can improve joint health for your patients.  This course emphasizes the underlying mechanisms of joint integrity, inflammation, and metabolic conditions that can affect musculoskeletal complaints.

Nutrition - The Effects of Obesity and Metabolism on Musculoskeletal Conditions in the 21st Century covers obesity trends and metabolic changes that affect the musculoskeletal system.  This course emphasizes dietary and nutritional trends and modifications that contribute to and/or reduce obesity which can affect musculoskeletal complaints.

Nutrition Courses- Instructor

Dr. Webster headshot.jpg

Dr Jeremy Webster, DC leads all of our nutrition course work.  He taps into his years of radio work and practice in nutrition to keep the courses engaging.


Chiropractic and the Barbell Trained Athlete - Instructor


Dr. Andy Abele, DC is our resident fitness expert and instructor.  He combines his passion of teaching with his success in fitness to present an enjoyable seminar full of useful content.

Chiropractic and the Barbell Trained Athlete

You ever wonder; "How did that doc get to work with the NFL?".  Dr. Abele, DC can tell you a story about how he applied his background and experience in barbell athletics to obtain employment with the New Orleans Saints.

This seminar is designed to go through best clinical practices to assess the function and performance of barbell trained athletes (for the uninitiated, that's folks who lift weights).  Dr.  Abele, DC will review methods for analyzing movement patterns that may be injurious and how to correct them.  He also covers incorporating barbell-based movement patterns into clinical rehab.


As chiropractors, we are considered holistic healthcare practitioners.  Many of our patients see other holistic healthcare professional, such as acupunctureists.  It is important to understand how these therapies can help our patients.

This course is designed to help chiropractors and acupuncture practitioners update thier understanding of traditional Chinese medicine principles.  We will update what metaphors we use on how acupuncture channels have tangible connections through reviewing embryology and fascial planes.  Lastly, this course is designed to improve your confidence in communicating how meridians correlate with symproms using more scientific terminology,

Chiropractic Acupuncture - Instructor

Ashley Headshot 2021.jpg

Dr. Ashley Spector, DC is the acupuncture guru around these parts.  She thrives on incorporating the latest research into her family practice.  She is a hard one to stump on this topic.