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We do not provide CE hours for Alabama at this time. 


This is because your state only allows 6 of your 18 CE hours as online courses and that does not fit with our current business model.  When your state finally catches up to the rest of the world in accepting live online education as equivalent to in person we will be first in line to help you out and give you a great CE experience.

Renewal Date

September 30 Annually

Required Hours

  • 18 hours per renewal cycle

  • up to 6 of those hours are allowed as online live and/or online recorded


Special Requirements

  • Two (2) hours per year in Alabama Law and Board Rules and Regulations as part of the minimum 18 per year.

  • New licensees must obtain four (4) hours prior to first license renewal and 2 hours per year for each renewal after that.

  • All clinic owners with a Non Licensed Practice Permit must obtain two (2) hours per year in Alabama Law as part of the permit renewal.

Continuing Education credit is provided by Life Chiropractic College West.

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